Avoid these typos at all costs!

There’s a handful of typos that we see all the time, and they make us cringe. The hard part is that none of the example will be picked up by spell check, as the alternative is still a real word. If you’re lucky Microsoft Word might pick up on the grammar, but it probably won’t. Give yourself the best chance of securing a new position by avoiding these typos at all costs;

Role vs roll: don’t apply for bread

Unfortunately we see candidates applying for bread (rather than a job) all the time.

Role = job, position

Roll = bread

Dealer Principal

We believe that if you’re the DP of a dealership, it’s important to spell your job title correctly. Dealer Principal gets people all the time, keep an eye out for the ‘pal’ vs the ‘ple’. Be careful not to use Principle.


We often see Manger instead of Manager, so be on the lookout for this one. It’s easily missed but the reference to Bethlehem doesn’t look good. Even if you’re not in a management position, there’s a good chance that you will refer to a Manager or use just the word somewhere in your CV.

Service Advisor and Parts Interpreter

We often see Advisor spelled with an ‘e’ – Adviser. Just like the DP example, it’s important to spell your job title correctly. Another one that we find a little funny is Parts Interrupter. Funny, but not professional.

If you’re someone who skips over words when proofreading, you’re more likely to fall victim to these typos. Print your resume out and read it word for word with a pen or highlighter in hand. If you’re still not confident, get your resume checked by a friend or family member. You only get one shot to put your resume forward, and we want it to be your best foot that you put forward.

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