Avoiding toxic co-workers

Why should you avoid toxic co-workers? Well, they’re contagious. It’s in the best interests of your career to steer clear of negative influences. There are many types of toxic co-workers, so we’ve selected just a couple of toxic personalities to share with you from an article by Elizabeth Grace Becker.

The Lazy One

Most people have worked with a ‘lazy one’. They don’t do their fair share and it can be really frustrating. They can be in your team, your boss, or even just share the same work space. It’s important to remember that they’ll stay at the bottom of the corporate ladder, and unless you want to do the same, we suggest you don’t dwell on their laziness. Although you may see them getting away with half the effort, you certainly shouldn’t let it affect your work ethic. At the end of the day, you’re going home with the satisfaction of a day well spent. This person might;

  • Check their social media pages frequently
  • Spend their time online shopping
  • Take extra long lunches
  • Not clean up after themselves
  • Only do what’s in their best interests

The Big Gossip

Gossips are often assumed to be female but this isn’t always the case. Men can be gossips too, so don’t be fooled. How do you deal with a gossip? If you’re new to a role, it may take you a while to figure out someone is a gossip. Unless another employee tells you, you’re probably not going to know. We encourage our candidates to build friendships with new colleagues, but it’s ok to keep your cards close to your chest while you settle in and get to know the company. Gossips are known to go to the boss about everything, and often hide quite a lot about themselves. Sharing personal information with a gossip could mean that the entire company finds out, affecting your ability to trust co-workers. Mistakes you can make with a gossip include;

  • Sharing personal struggles
  • Talking about your income
  • Discussing issues with other colleagues
  • Talking about performance reviews
  • Becoming a gossip yourself

Make no mistake – if they gossip about others, they’ll gossip about you. If you’re being gossiped about, who cares? As Eleanor Roosevelt so wisely put it, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Read more about toxic co-workers here.

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