Chris back on deck after Hawaiian honeymoon

AUTOrecruit director, Chris Fowler, returned to the office on Tuesday after almost a month of honeymooning on the sandy white beaches of Hawaii. They visited Maui, the island of Hawaii and Oahu before jet setting home last week.

Refreshed and renewed, Chris shared stories of Pearl Harbour, really tasty American burgers and lots of Lava Flow cocktails. They swam with manta rays, shot M16s with laser sight and foregrip (just like Call of Duty) and climbed 10,000 feet to the summit of Haleakala Crater. They also visited the largest aquarium in Hawaii, in the drop top Mustang of course!

It turns out that Chris also dragged his new bride along to a number of American car dealerships. This was part of his ‘research plan’ to draw comparisons with our Australian dealers. According to Chris, they just didn’t compete with the standard of dealerships on Aussie soil. He also talked about the vast differences in working conditions, and once again – it looks like the land down under is the place to be.

While Chris was away, Rowan in our Brisbane office handled Chris’ roles and we’re pleased to have him back in the office. He’s already back into the swing of things, so if you’ve got any queries you can reach Chris on 07 3160 2377. But go easy on him, he wishes he was still sipping cocktails by the pool!

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