Flexible monthly repayments

Even though our fees are amongst the lowest in the market, we get that some clients would prefer the benefit of flexible monthly fee repayments.

Flexible monthly fee repayment helps keep more money in your pocket.

Whilst our recruitment fees are already lower than other automotive recruiters, we are still realistic about the importance of cashflow. For this reason we have added the option of flexible monthly fee repayments. To enable this, we partnered with APOSITIVE Workforce Finance. This gives clients the flexibility of splitting their invoices over flexible monthly repayments, ranging from 3 to 6 months.

Looking for some automotive websites with fantastic content?

If you’re on the hunt for automotive websites that deliver top-notch content, you’re in for a treat! Whether you’re a gearhead seeking the latest in car tech or a casual enthusiast looking for thrilling reviews, the digital highway is lined with fantastic destinations tailored just for you.

Get an overview of how our fees are calculated

There are no upfront costs to utilise our services, our fees are purely calculated upon success (aside from supplemental advertising). Most clients like us to advertise on their behalf, as some candidates will rather apply to a consultancy such as us, than send their resumes direct.

Once our standard recruitment terms are reviewed and accepted, we will then commence our search and work to submit suitable candidates to you.

We can be as hands-on, or as hands-off as you like. Certain clients like us to do everything, some prefer to do certain things themselves. That’s fine! We are here to work WITH you, not tell you how it has to be done.

With experienced automotive candidates registering with us daily, we probably have exactly what you are looking for.
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