How Aussies buy cars

Australia has one of the highest per-capita car ownership levels in the world, in one of the most competitive new car markets. A study, undertaken earlier this year by Ipsos in conjunction with, indicated that a staggering 450 different models and almost 3,000 badge variants were for sale last year. So, how do you stay competitive in a market where brand loyalty is declining?


First of all, you need to ensure your website is up-to-date, user friendly and has a mobile site. According to the article, 45% of shoppers were influenced by auto manufacturer websites and 38% were influenced by dealerships. If your website is outdated and consumers can’t find the information they want easily, they’ll jump back to Google and search for another dealer or franchise. You won’t get the lead through the dealership door for a test drive if they can’t get the information they want online. Don’t let your website leave a lead pulling their hair out.

First impression

Consumers want to feel confident and validated in their car purchasing decisions, so they need to have confidence in the dealer they buy from. Having the right first impression is critical. You need the right staff as the face of your dealership. Is your ‘Director of First Impressions’ friendly, approachable and customer service-oriented? What is the first impression of YOUR dealership? Some consumers will jump in the car on a Saturday morning and visit local dealerships without searching online first, and if that’s the case – you want to make sure their experience is positive and informative as these are the ones who will make decisions quickly. Establishing a relationship with your dealership is important, especially as many buyers are undecided when choosing a vehicle – 29% of new car buyers also consider buying a used car; 30% of used car buyers also consider buying a new car.

If you’d like to talk to some of our candidates suitable for a role in your dealership as a Director of First Impressions (receptionists) or Sales Consultants, please contact the Consultant in your area.

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