It is normally during the first meeting when an employer can tell you are an outstanding candidate with the charisma, drive and passion to really make a difference to their business. This is why outstanding candidates make a lasting first impression and often get the job. For more information on how to make a lasting first impression, take some time to read through these articles – click here.

You need to shine

We understand that the very best and the most talented individuals can come from any walk of life, any location and from any background. Experience and qualifications are of course hugely important and will always be taken into account, but more often than not, employers also look beyond this. What can really make a difference is a person’s character and the strength of their personality – so you really need to shine.

Not meeting in person?

If your first meeting is a telephone interview, it’s still important to make a good impression. If you don’t – you won’t even get a chance to woo them in person. Commit to the interview by ensuring you are prepared, familiarise yourself with the dealership, check out their website and make sure you know where they are located. Prepare some questions, smile and make sure you’ve got a drink of water handy. Committed, ambitious people who can think for themselves are absolutely priceless to an employer.

The employer will be considering the dealership culture and organisational fit as they interview you. Furthermore, how you get along with others will be discussed during reference checks. What would your colleagues, past and present, say about you? Your body language says a lot – for tips on understanding body language and how it can affect your working relationship, read more here.