Resume formatting

As recruiters, we see a LOT of resumes. There’s plenty of articles out there about what to do with your resume, so here’s some key points on what we like to see.

Put it in order

Listing your positions chronologically makes reading your CV much easier. More importantly, put your most recent job at the top. As soon as we open your resume, we want to see what you’re doing right now. All employment history entries need to include the employer, your job title, dates and duties performed so start with that.

Detail and dates

When creating a new CV or updating an old one, make sure that you include dates. Dates are just as important as the job title and employer. As a minimum, include the month you started each role, and an end date for all previous jobs. As we recruit specifically for the automotive industry, we understand the duties performed in most dealership roles, but it’s important to identify your duties, achievements and targets (if relevant). Your old boss is not looking at your CV so if you did it, claim it. If you can explain how you did it, then it’s your accomplishment to keep forever. Here’s an example from a resume tips article;

“When we upgraded to a new software system, I integrated the data entry forms and processes for 12 regions and trained the local Finance reps to migrate with zero customer billing errors.”

Gaps and new jobs

We understand that not everyone finishes up with one employer one week and then starts with another the next. Sometimes there are gaps between roles, lots of people give notice and take some time off between jobs, others don’t work through their full notice period. It’s really helpful to list your reasons for leaving on your CV. We like to ask these sorts of questions before putting you forward for a new role, and full disclosure on a CV is a great sign. This article talks about corners being very important. Corners are junctures where you changed jobs, moved to a new city or made other big changes. We need to know what was happening. If our client can’t follow your story or it doesn’t make sense, they’ll stop reading. We don’t want that.

Career progression

Have you been promoted? Put it in your CV. If you can demonstrate stability and longevity coupled with career progression (ie, starting as a Technician, moving to Service Advisor, Service Manager) you’ve got a winning combo. We love to see candidates sticking with the one company and working their way up. Every client we work with wants to know that you can come in and make a difference right away, and getting promoted proves you’re good at what you do.

If you have any questions about formatting your CV, or if you’d like to re-format yours and send it to us, please email us [email protected]. If you are not a current candidate of ours, click here to register your details.

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