Telling the boss: the great debate

Searching for a new role and not sure whether to tell the boss? Unfortunately there’s not a stock standard answer to whether you should tell the boss or not, as it all depends on the relationship you have with them.

Should I?

We can only offer basic advice, because ultimately, YOU are the only one who knows the reality of the relationship you have with your employer and that’s what it comes down to. Here’s some ideas and thoughts on what you should consider;

Internal opportunities

Telling your boss you’re looking at moving on can be a positive experience. Remember to be respectful, and explain your reasons in an honest and positive way. If you’re simply looking for extra remuneration, don’t tell them you’re not being paid enough, say something about wanting more responsibility – this implies that you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder. You never know, your boss might never have known that you want to step up, and they might have an opportunity internally. Negotiating a pay increase can be easier with a current employer as you’ve got the benefit of proof of your work behind you.


References are certainly a benefit to telling your boss you’re looking for other opportunities. As recruiters, it’s great to see a current employer as a referee. Not only can they give the most relevant and accurate feedback, a current employer at the bottom of your CV indicates an excellent working relationship.

Even if you’ve got an open communication relationship with your boss, tread carefully. Whilst many people appreciate honesty and your boss might support you seeking out new challenges and career growth, you just never know. Remember, they will be looking at the impact on performance, and future of the dealership. It is imperative that you maintain excellent work ethic so as not to jeopardize your current role, but even this might not always keep your role secure.

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