January 2023 – AUTOrecruit update

We are back on deck after our Christmas break. And guess what? Our Technician-Guru, Katie Cummins is back and has already found a few great candidates for our clients mechanical vacancies!

With the shortage of mechanical candidates continuing to worsen, we are actively working on new approaches to try and counter this ongoing issue. We have partnered with a number of international agencies, to help facilitate a pre-qualified pipeline of candidates, who are experienced and motivated to consider trades positions all over Australia.

We have already identified and placed some highly skilled Technicians in both light commercial, as well as heavy commercial operations. We have also identified some migration pathways that can see qualified candidates landed and working much sooner than traditional routes.

Whilst it is our preference to look at local talent first, the harsh truth is that candidates can earn more money outside of the industry, and interest in automotive mechanical apprenticeships is dwindling. More people are leaving than they are joining, as a result of this, it is essential that dealerships adapt and consider expanding their candidate sourcing horizons.

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