Job application tips & tricks

A resume can have little impact on an application, regardless of how impressive it is, if you don’t have the relevant experience required for the position. Most of the roles we work on for clients require that the suitable candidate has undertaken a very similar role. Whilst some skills are transferable, it’s unlikely that our clients will consider a Parts Interpreter for a Stock Controller role. So before you apply, please ensure you read the job ad carefully.

When submitting your resume, you may need to make minor changes, to ensure that what you submit highlights relevant responsibilities and unique selling points. You may like to add to your responsibilities, how you achieved success with meeting those responsibilities. Resumes that are a ‘one size fits all’ may not work, try to tailor it to the role by using keywords from the ad. Take ownership of your achievements with statements like “I did…” and “I achieved.” Remember these key points:

  • List your achievements
  • Deliver facts and figures
  • Volunteer experience speaks for your character.
  • Be easily contactable (recruiters and employers are time poor)
  • Keep contact details up to date
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread!

When you feel like your resume is ready, leave it for an hour and come back to it. Check over it one last time, looking for spelling mistakes, typos and missing words.

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