Recruiting: busting the myths!

There’s lots of myths out there about recruitment. This article contains an info-graphic providing solutions for miscommunication between job seekers and employers, you can take a look at it here. We’ve also broken down some answers to FAQs below.

Why haven’t I heard yet?

Sometimes it feels like you’ve been waiting forever to hear back on a position you’ve applied for. Keep in mind that when we start working on a new role, we receive quite a number of applications – email, phone calls and voice mails. A number of those applications are then sent off to our client for them to review. If we submit your details to the client, it can take some time to hear back with feedback, as they will review all applications and often discuss with the department manager or Dealer Principal.


This article talks about a communication between job seekers and recruiters that can leaves both parties confused or frustrated. Optimistic job seekers are up for trying anything, but recruiters don’t want to be rude to unqualified applicants. As we recruit specifically for the automotive industry, dealership experience is essential. Most importantly, you need to have relevant dealership experience. Unless otherwise stated in the job ad, a Business Manager role is not suited to a candidate who has only ever held Service Advisor positions. You need the right experience to be considered for the role.

Your resume

The first thing we see is your resume, so make sure your experience is clear. You need to list your dates of employment, and put your most recent experience at the top. You’d be surprised how far we have to scroll on some resumes. We can’t stress this enough – read more resume writing tips here.

Stay tuned for more myth busting articles, we’ll be sure to add more in the future!

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