Resume mistakes to avoid

There’s so many resume templates and examples out there, it can be difficult to know what to do when it’s time to update yours. Some automotive candidates have never even needed a resume before. So if you’re creating or updating a resume right now, here’s some helpful hints and tips from the AUTOrecruit team.

Save, save, SAVE

We recommend creating your resume in a program like Microsoft Word or similar, as it is editable so you can easily make changes if you secure a new role, your job titles changes or you move. Keep copies of the original. Save one on your computer, save one on a USB and then email yourself a copy. There’s nothing worse than needing to update your CV after your computer has crashed, and having to start from scratch. An old PDF copy isn’t much help either, unless you’ve got a conversion program that will get it back to an editable format.

Keep it simple

At AUTOrecruit, we like simple and clear resumes in Word format (or something editable). Simple formatting in Microsoft Word is paramount, as your resume is collated with a cover page in our offices before it’s sent off to the client. Avoid tables, columns and text boxes within your resume, use tab stops and bullet points instead.

Avoid repetition

Generally speaking, our clients are interested in 2 key factors; experience and skills. So list your skills, and outline your experience. Our clients have a clear understanding of dealership roles, so it’s unnecessary to detail the fundamentals of a Parts Interpreter role, or a Sales Consultant position on your resume. List specific achievements instead, and remember that every single detail of your job is not needed on your resume. The client will ask more details in the interview if they need them.

If you feel as though you need more guidance with your resume, we have quite a number of helpful articles that can steer you in the right direction. Click here to access these articles.

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