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Organisational culture is so important in job satisfaction. If you don’t feel welcome or that you don’t fit in, it can severely impact your ability to perform well and enjoy your work. Since we spend so many of our waking hours at work, it’s essential that we are happy. Here are some thing to think about during an interview, to help determine whether you’ll ‘fit’ with the organisational culture.

The boss

Signs of an effective leader can been seen during your interview. They should be engaged during your interview, not taking calls, answering emails or allowing interruptions. If they can’t spare 60 minutes to interview you, will they have time for you as an employee for feedback, guidance and support? You can use their behaviour in the interview as a indicator of their managerial skills. If you don’t feel important now, you probably won’t feel important when you get the job later either.

Your manager

It’s common sense to avoid speaking negatively about former employers, colleagues or jobs during a job interview. The same goes for interviewers. Alarm bells should sound if you get the feeling that they are badmouthing former employees, especially anyone in the role you are being interviewed for. Think about what this could mean for their expectations and standards. There are professional ways to communicate areas needing improvement, and your interviewer should have these skills. You don’t want to work for someone who will throw their staff under the bus.

Other employees

What is the vibe of the dealership? Take a look around as you arrive, and again when you leave. Arriving extra early for your interview will give you a little time to scope out the culture. If you have time to get to the dealership before the day of your interview, browse the showroom. If you don’t have time to get there, make some sales, parts and service inquiries over the phone.

Trust your instincts. The interviewer will be doing the same. If something doesn’t feel right, when you are given the opportunity to ask questions at the end make sure that you ask about their perspective of the organisational culture. This insight will help you make the right decision when you’re offered the job.

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