Let’s talk salary

For some of us, talking about our salary expectations during an interview can be uncomfortable. Depending on your position and experience, your expectations need to be realistic. If your expectations are too high, you risk missing out on the opportunity. If they are too low, you’ll either end up underpaid or you’ll be seen as undervaluing yourself. It’s a delicate balance so let’s look at how to manage it.

Overcome the fear

Discussing salary is a given in any job interview. The employer knows it, and they know what they can pay. It’s time to shake that feeling of discomfort. To overcome any fear around discussing your salary, we suggest you think about salary in three parts;

  • Your ideal salary in a perfect world (keep it realistic)
  • What you’d expect (this is usually a little more than you’re current wage)
  • The absolute minimum you’d accept (this is important if you’re making a move for career progression, changing departments or taking a step back)

These factors are important, especially if you’re able to negotiate a base salary and OTE (on target earnings). Know your boundaries. Many dealerships are flexible, and if they want you for the job they will negotiate a package that works for you both.

Things to consider

Get in early and ask, “what is the salary range for the successful candidate?” If you’re at the interview stage, you’re well within your rights to ask. Remember that salary ranges are specific to the dealership, taking into account sales targets, the size of the team, number of franchises, stock levels and location.

Get the pay you deserve

If you’re asked about your expectations, deliver your ideal salary and leave it at that. Silence is key, let the employer speak next. Stay firm and under no circumstances should you say, “if that’s okay,” “I suppose,” or “what do you think?” They will expect to negotiate, so if you start with your ideal salary, and you are clear on what you’d expect and the minimum you’d accept then you are in an excellent place to negotiate.

If you’re not sure about what you should expect, feel free contact us for a confidential discussion on salary before your interview.

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